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24-Hour Claims Service

Your broker can help you with every step of the claims process. The right time to make a claim is immediately, or as soon as you are able.

Alert Us (Your Broker) as Soon as Practically Possible

If you or someone else is in any danger or there is on-going damage occurring, your 1st priority should be to insure everyone’s safety and limit the damage to your property. At that point, you should take care to act quickly and provide your broker with the right information.

  • Alert your broker and your insurer of an insured loss as soon as your situation permits
  • Keep phone numbers available
  • Alert the police of any theft or break-in
  • Do not alter evidence of the loss, for example, by starting to clean up after a pipe bursts or altering the scene of a break-in. If you absolutely must alter anything, take detailed pictures of the damage first.

Consider Whether or Not You Should Make a Claim

First things first: Should you make a claim? There are some situations in which you shouldn’t, and we can help you decide.

  • Is it covered? Keep in mind that your policy includes coverage limits and exclusions that could cause some losses to not be covered. Property belonging to your employer, for example, is probably not covered. Damage from a fire that was set intentionally might not be covered and theft of valuable artwork could be beyond your insurance limit. Is it covered? Ask your broker first.
  • If the loss is less than the amount of your deductible you cannot make a claim.
  • If your loss is covered and above the amount of your deductible, you might still not want to make a claim if your premiums will increase as a result. Again, ask your broker for advice.

Work with Us and the Claims Adjuster

Once your claim has been made, the insurance company may appoint an adjuster to get a clear picture of the circumstances and extent of the loss.

Adjusters may assist in securing repairs and can help with arrangements for accommodations. They might also decide to limit the amount of a payment or to not pay at all, depending on the situation. If you are unsure about the role of your adjuster and the information they are using, be sure to contact your broker, who can help bring clarity to the situation.

After-Hours Claim Numbers

Wawanesa Insurance 1-844-929-2637

Travellers Insurance 1-800-661-5522

Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance 1-800-265-8792

Jevco Insurance 1-866-864-1112

Echelon Insurance 1-866-931-0570

Royal Insurance 1-800-263-9280

Optimum Frontier 1-877-806-8023

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